Mae Sw Grangetown yn ddathliad deuddydd o bopeth celf-a-chrefftus a chreadigol yn Grangetown. Eleni, ar Fehefin 5-6, byddwn yn troi ffenestri a lonydd â gatiau Grangetown yn llociau sw mawr. Gwahoddir trigolion i gymryd rhan trwy addurno eu ffenestri, gerddi neu lonydd.

Mae gennyn ni nifer o weithdai a gweithgareddau celf am ddim ar 5 Mehefin ac yn y cyfnod yn arwain at y sw. Mae’n rhaid archebu ymlaen llaw felly gwnewch yn siŵr eich bod chi'n sicrhau eich lle trwy'r dolenni isod!



A Place for All

The Grangetown Zoo is a two-day celebration of everything arty and creative in Grangetown. This year, June 5-6, we will be turning the windows and gated alleyways of Grangetown into life-size zoo enclosures. Residents are invited to get involved by decorating their own windows, gardens or alleys.

There will be a zoo map created closer to the date to guide you around the exhibits.

We also have lots of free artworks shops and activities lined up on the 5 June and in the lead up to the zoo. Booking is essential so make sure you secure your place through the links below!



We are offering a number of free art workshops for the community to help residents create some fantastic window displays! Sign up below:


2 June 10:30

Zoo themed tissue-paper window workshop with Lucy from

2 June 14:00

Window hangings with Charlotte from Twin Made

4 June 11:00

Window art: Bird workshop with Hannah Lelii

In-Person Workshops

28, 30 May and 3, 4 June Techniquest

Under The Surface Art Workshop for Grangetown Zoo| 28/5

Saturday 5 June:

10:00-13:00 Grange Pavilion

Butterfly making workshop with the Museum of Cardiff. No ticket needed just drop in!

10:00 Grange Pavilion

Monkey making with Helen Malia

13:30 Grange Pavilion

Felting with Helen Malia

14:00  St Paul's Church Hall

Cardboard Creatures with Caroline Richards

14:00 and 15:30 Tramshed 

Colourful cardboard animals with Sarah from The Art Cupboard



Rydyn ni’n cynnig nifer o weithdai celf am ddim i'r gymuned. Dewch i ddysgu technegau newydd ac addurno eich ffenestri ar gyfer Sw Grangetown! Cofrestrwch isod:

Gweithdai Ar-lein

1 Mehefin 14:00

Addurniadau ar gyfer ffenestri gyda Charlotte o Twin Made

2 Mehefin 14:00

Gweithdy hancesi papur ar thema sw ar gyfer ffenestri gyda Lucy o

4 Mehefin 11:00

Celf ffenestr: Gweithdy adar gyda Hannah Lelii

Gweithdai mewn Lleoliadau

Dydd Sadwrn 5 Mehefin:

10:00-13:00 Pafiliwn Grange

Gweithdy gwneud plil-palod gydag Amgueddfa Caerdydd. Does dim angen tocyn, dim ond galw heibio!

10:00 Pafiliwn Grange

Gwneud mwnci gyda Helen Malia

13:30 Pafiliwn Grange

Ffeltio gyda Helen Malia

13:00 Neuadd Eglwys Sant Paul

Creaduriaid Cardfwrdd gyda Caroline Richards

13:30-14:30 neu 15:00-16:00 Tramshed

Anifeiliaid cardfwrdd â slotiau gyda Sarah Grove-White



Practice doodling some animals with this online workshop from Jen Danger Doodles for the Grangetown Zoo!



We are working with 14 talented local artists to create some fantastical zoo enclosures around Grangetown and offer some exciting free art workshops!

Learn more about the below.





I'm Anna, a designer and printmaker based in South Wales. I create a range of original paper- and textile-based goods that makes people smile :



Alice is currently working as a scenic artist for theatre. She is interested in production design, set building and sustainability.

She has lived in Cardiff for the last ten years and loves the city for its many parks, copious numbers of library books, and very good friends.

Screen Shot 2021-05-16 at 10.48.13.png


Caroline has been teaching and facilitating community art classes in Cardiff for over 20 years. She likes art, craft, carnival, circus, cycling and dancing …all the fun things in life. She also loves animals and nature and Grangetown’s Zoo project is a great chance to bring together making art with a love of animals. Like lots of people, Caroline wants to do her best to look after our planet. As community projects are at the heart of her work, her workshops often use recycled materials and for this project we’ll be using cardboard packaging.

Twin Made Charlotte Peacock.jpg


Hi, I am Charlotte from Twin Made, I run creative workshops from my colourful studio in Cardiff City Centre.
We have been running workshops since 2014 from Dungarees to Neon Signs. 
Join us to learn to sew or get creative. All our workshops are designed so you can make something during the class and go on to make lots more.
I am looking forward to getting creative with you.



Chauncé Christine is an illustrator currently studying in Cardiff school of Art and Design. Her practice is very energetic, showing odd movements and gestures in her pieces. She aspires to create a sense of joy and wonder about our everyday surroundings. Through surrealist imagery she invites the audience to see through this imaginative perspective, interrogates the everyday and mundane into something more entertaining to look at. Finding inspiration in performance, theatre, David Bowie, fairytales and the circus. She aims to further explore these influences and hopes to go on to become a successful illustrator working with arts and mental health or to become an editorial illustrator.



Helen is visual artist who has always had sustainability and environmental issues at the heart of her work. During her early career she worked as Artist in Residence in Mid West and South Wales. Residencies include National History Museum, St Fagans, Swansea Schools, WOMAD festival for WWF, and the Ley Community for Oxford Visual Arts Development Agency. Helen has been working as a Creative Agent and Creative Practitioner for the Arts Council of Wales Lead Creative School Scheme, developing and creating bespoke projects in Schools. Helen is a Consultant artist for Swansea University.

Her arts management roles include Commissions Project Manager for Cywaith Cymru and Arts and Town Centre Regeneration Officer for Rhondda Cynon Taff CBC.

Helen has shown in many group exhibitions: Art in the Garden, Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, Unite 2018 at G39, Out of Nature 2017  and had a solo show in Cynon Valley Museum and Gallery. Helen has worked internationally as Artist in Residence at Swanson Island






Holly Tamara is a Cardiff based bilingual Illustrator who focuses mainly on bright coloured illustration and pattern designs. She enjoys working on packaging products as well as designing fresh new pattern designs. She is inspired by the environment and her work is heavily influenced by nature. She enjoys creating perfectly imperfect illustrations. Her work is mainly digital, she often uses Procreate on her Ipad where she has hand picked colour palettes which remain consistent with her works while still keeping up to date with things that are trending. She also has experience painting murals and sometimes enjoys taking a step back and painting in an abstract style with acrylic paints.”



Jen Danger is the founder of Danger Doodles: all about positive mental health & encouraging creativity for wellbeing. She is passionate about encouraging creativity, having fun and expressing yourself through doodling and art. Jen, who has lived in Grangetown for three years, has recently won 2020 Unltd Social Entrepreneur of the year, and holds a Masters in Social Science Research Methods.

Screen Shot 2021-05-23 at 12.17.14.png


I am an artist living and working in Cardiff. I completed a Fine Art Degree at the

University of Gloucestershire in 2006 and have been part of many exhibitions

including the National Eisteddfod in 2014. In 2013 I received a Wales Arts

International travel award to complete an artist residency at the Banff Centre in

Canada. I have been influenced by various artists, including Vermeer, Gwen John,

and Paula Modersohn-Becker. I use collage to create cut out doll like figures that

attempt to hold emotion. These 2D dolls then become models for my oil paintings

and drawings. I am currently exploring my personal ancestry and childhood

memories to inform my work.




Shwmae! My name is Lucy and I’m the founder of Greenheart Pottery, based in Grangetown. I have a background in Fine Art and Product & Furniture Design and am driven by exploring our connections to place and nature through making. As an emerging ceramic artist I am practicing different industrial and handmade processes such as wheel-throwing, mould-making and slip-casting. I am excited by sharing and preserving skills which bring us closer together and can teach us about our heritage and identity. Craftsmanship also offers an important platform for reflecting the beauty in nature and promoting more sustainable practice.



Painting has always been a passion of mine, but the reason I began painting
landscapes is for my own wellbeing. I’ve been suffering with mild anxiety and
depression, but when I realised that beautiful landscapes and my love for animals
helped me to cope with it, I decided to create landscape paintings. The purpose of
this was not only to share the beauty of our natural world with others, but also to
bring awareness and love for our beautiful landscapes and animals to help restore
respect for our natural world.
My artwork is mainly in acrylic paints using stretched canvas and I also recently
started painting on wood slices. My art is based on nature, be it abstract or
otherwise. My aim is to create art where my audience can immerse themselves in it
and experience the peace, joy and happiness to help bring positivity to their



My art workshops and art parties are based on beautifully illustrated story books or contemporary artists. I work with children of different ages from pre-school to 11 years old and different sized groups; on projects that are designed to engage, inspire and support creativity.
I design the workshops and parties to be fun and engaging, while at the same time supporting children as they develop new creative skills.